UF Plaza of the Americas


  • Location: Gainesville, FL

  • Project Team: CHW, Moses & Associates, The Brentwood Company

  • Completion: 2017

Listed on the Registry of Historic Sites, the Plaza of the Americas is the University of Florida’s most valued greenspace on campus. Under the beautiful canopy of established trees, students, faculty and visitors enjoy the cool refreshing breeze as they gather to rest or enjoy a few minutes of free time.

The Plaza of the Americas at the University of Florida is the heart of the campus to many students and Alumni. The quadrangle is surrounded by some of the most active and historic buildings on campus. For over 100 years, the plaza has been the location for gathering, public demonstration, and public presentations.

In 2007, the University of Florida hired Conner to reconstruct the history of the plaza and develop a strategy for ensuring that the plaza is preserved into the future. Conner’s approach laid out strategy to recover and protect the beautiful character of the plaza remembered by so many alumni. The plan lays out a strategy for enhancing courtyard spaces surrounding the plaza so that more intense use is concentrated near buildings, preserving the natural passive setting for the larger green space. In 2012, the university began implementing the first phase of the project by installing new sidewalks and seating areas and converting existing roads for pedestrian use. New planting was concentrated under the tree canopy to help protect the trees from heavy use and compaction. Lawn areas were improved to support heavy use and lighting was increased to enhance safety.