Conner Landscape Architects has been connecting people with the environment since 1997. Our years of experience, both personally and professionally, lead us to ideas that are proven but not always common.  

Good ideas are most often the result of listening to our clients describe their needs and then applying our process and experiences. Conner Landscape Architects provides thought-based, creative design services resulting in landscape environments that capture the imagination of our clients and reflect their personal or market driven needs, from residences and small parks to universities and corporate headquarters.

We believe our design process answers very specific questions about history, functionality, purpose, movement, environmental conditions, and present and future maintenance requirements, while continuing to meet the long-term goals of the space. Often working in collaboration with other designers, architects, artists, engineers, and planners, our award-winning designs clarify the placement and organization of buildings, roadways, pedestrian circulation, and open spaces.

Our philosophy is deeply rooted in caring for the environment and discovering how to implement positive change; to use and re-use materials that gently and creatively replicate nature’s perfect design.  

Since 1997, we have provided our clients with design solutions that are sustainable and that gracefully mature with age, becoming beautiful settings that are enjoyed for years to come. 

We are committed to listening, learning, and growing.


Master Planning

Site Planning and Design

Landscape Architecture

Residential Gardens

Public Gardens and Parks

Corporate Work Environments

Outdoor Learning Environments

Campus Planning and Design


Hardscape Design

Swimming Pools and Spas

Water Features and Public Fountains

Planting Design

Lighting Design

Outdoor Furniture Selection and Placement

Artist Selection and Collaboration

Outdoor Kitchens

Green Roof Design

Low Impact Development Design

Sustainable Design

LEED Design

Bio-Swale and Rain Garden Design