UF Heavener Hall


  • Location: Gainesville, FL

  • Project Team: Schenkel Shultz Architects, Robert A.M.

  • Completion: 2014

Historic plans and photographs provided a guide for how to create a new gateway entry to the University of Florida Campus.

Conner collaborated with the architectural team and the University of Florida for the design of the landscape surroundings for Heavener Hall on the University of Florida campus. The effort included the design of a new Gateway, an outdoor courtyard framed by Heavener and Bryan Hall, an outdoor dining cafe/courtyard entry, and other landscaped areas surrounding the building. The project is located at the historical location for the entry of the campus at the intersection of University Avenue and 13th Street. Throughout the history of the University, this corner has served as the public link between the campus and the city of Gainesville.

The design for the gateway incorporates historical architectural and stone details of the university with new architectural details of the Heavener Hall. A bronze seal of the University was placed in the pavement outside of the gateway to welcome visitors before passing through the cast bronze gateway arch and into the peaceful campus environment. Each day, thousands of students and visitors pass through this gateway into the peaceful setting of the university campus.