Temple Terrace Residence


  • Location: Tampa, FL

  • Completion: 2008

Art and Architecture work together to merge the outdoor surroundings of this home with the interior living spaces.
The design of this garden space was created around the homeowners’ desire to entertain large groups both inside and outside of their home. With that in mind, Conner designed the space with fluidity between the interior and exterior of the home, which would allow groups to overflow into the outdoor area as if the rooms were seamlessly connected.

Conner collaborated with glass artist Duncan McClellan to create a beautifully colorful etched glass vase that is the main feature of a fountain wall placed alongside the patio. The vase was positioned high enough on the wall where it could be easily seen throughout the garden and within the home. This beautiful garden space effortlessly extends the entertaining space of the home, while maintaining an intimate and welcoming atmosphere for the homeowners to enjoy.