Bayshore Sculpture Garden


  • Location: Davis Islands, Tampa, FL

  • Project Team: Duncan McClelland

  • Completion: 2004

  • Awards: Award of Honor, Residential Landscape – FC/ASLA – 2006 | Award of Excellence – Residential FNGLA – 2006

The design for this residence created two terrace gardens that function as outdoor additions to the home. One terrace serves as a community garden room, while the second terrace serves as a secluded garden of reflection. The garden of reflection offers beautiful views of perennial plants and orchids, but its most prominent feature is a slow flowing glass and granite fountain. The fountain consists of three blown glass globes by St. Petersburg artist Duncan McClelland, which are delicately balanced on top of a granite base. Water flows through the granite base, creating the illusion that the globes are floating on perfectly still water. Integrated fiber-optic lighting illuminates each globe to create three breathtakingly unique orbs of colored light.

Forms of artistic expression are woven into and throughout the project at a variety of levels. The terraces themselves reflect a simple minimalist form, allowing the plant material and sculpture to capture the eye and imagination of the occupant. Plant beds were arranged in geometric blocks to accentuate their form and structure. Conner collaborated with two artists to create specific works that weave the gardens, the home, the environment, and the community together.