munroe regional medical center

Designed as a place of rest and peace, this winding garden features a flowing stream and a series of waterfalls that wrap the end of the hospital, connecting the entry and outdoor cafeteria.

This peaceful garden setting symbolizes the relationship the Munroe Regional Medical Center cultivates with the Ocala community, hospital employees, and their patients. Organized around a large water feature, the garden welcomes visitors to the hospital offering a moment of peace as you enter.

The design integrates circulation with outdoor places to rest and relax in a lush landscape.  It features a large natural rock waterfall which drowns out the noise of surrounding traffic and helps you to focus one’s thoughts.  As you meander through the garden, gentle paths open to offer places to sit and rest for a moment of reflection, prayer, solitude, or just to enjoy the beauty of the place.

location: Ocala, FL

awards: Fredric B. Stresau Award – FC/ASLA – 2006 | Award of Excellence – FC/ASLA – 2006 | Roy S. Rood Award – FNGLA – 2005 | Award of Excellence – FNGLA – 2005

size: 15 Acres

project team: Harvard Jolly Architecture, ValleyCrest Landscape

year completed: Design Completed in 2001, Construction in 2005