chapman healing garden

Wilmot Botanical Gardens at the University of Florida

The Chapman Healing Garden provides another venue for patients and the public to experience the therapeutic benefits of greenspaces and expands Wilmot Gardens’ diverse garden settings.

Research indicates that engagement in outdoor activities, even when passive, can significantly improve a person’s health and well-being. The Chapman Healing Garden is designed to provide such a space near the UF Health Campus, where it is accessible to patients, staff, and students. The garden features gentle meandering walks under the canopy of a native hardwood hammock, leading to a quiet sunken garden set strategically into the sloping hillside.

The garden will provide an abundance of sensory experiences related to plants: fragrance of flowering Gardenia, texture of various Lilies, and the seasonal color of flowering azalea will fill the space with beauty and transfix the visitor with a sense of peace.  As visitors traverse the gentle winding path, they can stop and rest to enjoy the camelias and redbuds that will provide a sense of privacy and enclosure. The sound of falling water from two fountains resonates throughout the space and masks the noise of nearby traffic. The Chapman Healing Garden was made possible due to a generous donation from the Dr. Jules B. Chapman and Annie Lou Chapman Private Foundation. The garden allows for a much-needed location to find a moment of peaceful tranquility.

location: Gainesville, FL

project team: The Brentwood Company

year completed: 2018